About the Green Star® Program

Green Star® Program includes 3 different sector approaches to providing technical assistance and recognition for implementing voluntary foward-thinking environmental practices: 

Green Star® for Businesses

The Green Star® Program assists businesses that wish to practice waste reduction, energy conservation, and pollution prevention.  Green Star® staff provide education and technical assistance.  Businesses that meet the Green Star® Standards are recognized and awarded their Green Star® Business Certification.  >> More Information

Green Star® for Communities

The Green Star® Community program provides positive incentives and fills key service gaps for rural Alaska communities by providing technical assistance and training to remote landfill and utility operators community environmental personnel, local, and tribal conservation personnel. This program promotes a more holistic perspective on community-based conservation efforts to improve landfill operations, waste reduction, energy conservation, wastewater, and clean drinking water issues. >> More Information

Green Star® for Events

The Green Star® Event program assists event planners and organizations that wish to promote waste reduction, energy conservation, and pollution prevention through their event. Green Star® staff provide education and outreach materials for events that follow the Green Star® standard. Events that make efforts to reduce waste, save energy, and provide recycling options are endorsed to market their event as a Green Star® Event.  >> More Information

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