Green Star® Site Assessment Program

Our Site Assessment Program can help you diagnose areas within your workplace that could improve your operational efficiency.

Learn where you can make improvements in your business practices. Green Star® provides on-site assessments for member businesses and organizations. Program staff will come to your facility and work directly with you to assess your waste prevention progress. The team will:

To prepare for the site assessment, be sure someone is on hand who can answer questions about the following topic areas:

Once the site assessment is complete and Green Star® has provided a follow-up report, we request that your organization submit its Green Star® Award application within 60 days.

Examples of suggestions made to Anchorage businesses during site visits include:

Call us today at (907) 331-0271 or to schedule a site assessment for your workplace. 
An assessment typically takes between one and two hours, depending on the size of your facility and the number of people you would like to involve in the process. For services beyond two hours, Green Star® offers its staff expertise for $65/hour. Site assessments are only available for Green Star® member organizations.